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Vaarten & Prijzen

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Havana Meet & Eat

Havana Meet & Eat

Perfect for work related meetups, Havana Meet & Eat offers a full lunch, available for a minimum of 4 people, while gliding past our beautiful waterfront. The lunch consists of either soup (fall/winter) or pasta salad (spring/summer), a luxurious sandwich, and a cold drink. Coffee/tea is optional. Havana Meet & Eat only takes an hour out of your schedule, and it ticks all the boxes for a quality meetup.

Of course, you may want to extend your boat trip. Many collegues choose to get work out of the way, before firing up the grill, and soaking up some sunshine, taking the boat down stream to the river delta. If that sounds good to you, let us know and we’ll give you a quote.

€32,50 p.p.
Minimum of €130,-

Havana BBQ or Tapas boat

Havana BBQ or Tapas, all-inclusive, 2hrs

Our most popular boat trips, combine the joy of boating with a decent meal, a few drinks and a few laughs. The Havana is an all weather ship, offering tailored and exclusive boat trips in some of the most beautiful waters of the Netherlands. Starting at a standard two hours, both our grill and our tapas boats offer a full meal, all fresh made, and all drinks included. If you just want to sit dow, relax, and look around, pick the tapas option. If you like a little bit more going on, or the guarantee of some extra warmth in unseasonable weather, opt for the grill. The quality of our food is excellent and our grill is a beauty, so anyone can succeed, and most of our guests think it’s great fun. Of course, if you want us to prepare your food for you, then no problem. We’re happy to bring a cook along, at only €30 per hour.

€51 p.p. for 2 hrs, all-inclusive
Minimum €408,-
Optional: cook,at additional €30 per hr
Stay out longer than 2 hrs? €80/hr, drinks not included

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